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What is hickory

Hickory is a genus of trees found only in North America and East Asia, the wood of which we use to smoke our food.

Thanks to the American "Low & Slow" method - ie slow cooking and smoking at low temperatures over a longer period of time - our meat is prepared particularly gently.


The result is an intense taste and butter-tender grilled food with a fine hickory smoky note. Special seasoning methods from East Asia also provide further taste highlights.

Our modern American cuisine - with a focus on grilling and smoking - offers fabulous spare ribs and steaks as well as homemade Asian-inspired BBQ dishes as well as delicious salads and vegetarian creations.

Image by Luis Santoyo

Quality from Saxony

When procuring meat products, we attach great importance to quality from the region. Our high-quality steaks come from the Bavarian Simmental beef and Argentine free-range Angus cattle, which we purchase from our trusted supplier.

We cook with fresh ingredients, craftsmanship, new ideas and a lot of care.

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Our house special

Hickory Ribs

Our spare ribs are not pre-cooked / pre-steamed. They are smoked fresh daily for several hours in the hickory smoke using the American Barbecue "low & slow" method!

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